Interesting facts about the Islamic culture

Islam is the second-largest religion in the world. There are some things that Islam cannot do. Here are some facts about the Islam religion you didn’t know.  Sometimes other religions misunderstood the Islam people. Islam has its own holy book. Don’t get confused with the difference between the Islamic culture and the Muslim. Most of the population happens to be Islamic. The followers of Islam are also called Muslims.  Places where Muslims are called Mosques.   


 The Islamic believes in one god. Muhammad is born in Mecca, Arabia. Islam has many things they are can’t eat and the type of things are allowed to wear when it is an Islam. Islam is one of the religion how is has to respect for each other. The Islam religion is part of the Abrahamic family. The Muslims use some short of Christen bible.  

Things you cannot do and the clothes 

You cannot eat pork (or any other animals) or drink alcohol. The woman must always cover their head with a long scarf that covers their head and go around their necks. They always wear a long dress. That is worn by men and women. Sometimes a woman covers part of their faces.  The hijab in English is veiled they only wear to protect then form males outside the family. Despite the fact that a woman must always wear the veil when praying. They believe to have a tattoo is a sin. To eat animals is also forbidden in Islam and drinking the blood.       


Islam is very stuck when it comes to marriage. Islam has five pillars 

  • The declaration of faith
  • Daily prayers
  •  fasting during the month of Ramadan
  • Almsgiving
  • the pilgrimage to Mecca

  The language they speak in Arabic and Islam. It is imported for Islam to pass down their traditions from generation to generation. Some traditions are like rituals and some are just the traditions that they do.

Kids’ names have all have a meaning. All cultures must be open and respect for each other. Learn about Islam’s culture and respect it.  Ask someone who is Islam about their culture to learn something. Just make sure you know all the facts of religion before you talk about it and it is a sin to have friends how are in religion. Islam believes in one God. God means in their religion ‘’the best names’’.  

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